Stainless Steel Server Facts

Stainless steel servers are a tremendous asset to any kitchen, whether for simple dishes at home or for large gatherings and parties. There are a number of different styles in serving equipment, and understanding both their use and care will ensure that your stainless steel server stays looking and functioning well for a very long time.

Stainless steel servers are great for everyday use but a big asset when it comes to entertaining and other functions. Offering both style and functionality, these trays are easy to care for. Resistant to heat, frost and moisture, this is a style of serving equipment that is known for durability. Rust and scratch resistant, as well as being sturdy enough to transfer food directly from the kitchen, a steel server is a must-have.

In order to clean a steel server, avoid using things like steel wool or other harsh abrasives and instead opt for plain soapy water and a cloth. Sponges also work well, too, provided they are not overly abrasive. A nylon scrub works well for stuck on food, but also, a soak in very hot water or a vinegar and baking soda scrub can be a great benefit. Using that method also polishes and helps keep a steel server like new. When finished, simply towel down to dry to avoid spotting. Because stainless steel is so highly durable, storage is also fairly easy, and worries about the trays being damaged are minimal.

Using a stainless server is great for family dinners. Because stainless is very strong, it can withstand quite a bit of weight, so moving food from the kitchen to the dinner table is much easier. For larger get-togethers this serving equipment is best because it is wiped down with ease. Any spills during serving at the table can be quickly and easily taken care of, allowing you to continue on hosting. Specialized serving equipment in stainless steel can also be purchased, to enable cooking and serving directly from a buffet style set up.

Because using a stainless server pairs form and function, these trays are excellent for those who are working with a limited budget but host multiple parties or events. Rather than purchasing disposable serving trays which may not always withstand heavy foods, using a stainless steel server means always having stylish, classy serving trays to cater to your guests. Additionally, with so much focus on more environmentally friendly options, using a steel server has less impact on the environment than disposable options.

Offering a wide variety of shapes, sizes as well as designs, using a stainless steel server helps you to give your events a nearly royal touch with elegance. Lightweight and strong, these should be a staple of your serving equipment if you entertain quite a bit. With so many different options to choose from in a steel server, any party, dinner, or event can be made much more memorable with these great accessories.


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