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Restaurant Etiquette: Do's And Don'ts

Because of our busy lives, it is not always easy to take the time to make dinner at home. For this reason, dining at a restaurant has become as common as going to the movies. It is fun to have our meals served to us with no clean up afterwards. However, there are certain etiquette protocols that one should follow when dining at a restaurant. The following are a number of etiquette Do's and Don'ts when dining at a restaurant: 1. Seating: Choose a comfortable table location. Nice locations include next to a window or near an attractive view such as a lovely wall picture. Make sure you are not seated in a high traffic area as this will be a constant distraction2. Don't treat the wait staff poorly. They are there to fulfill all of your dining needs. As well, this is how they are earning an income so being rude or obnoxious makes their job unpleasant and stressful. If your server makes a mistake with your order, or your food is not cooked properly, don't yell at the server. Be courteous and kind when sending food ...


Not Your Ordinary Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

This may seem odd to some people, but our wedding didn't really seem real until all of our family started showing up for the rehearsal dinner. That's when it really seemed to hit me, that hey I was getting married the next day, and all of those plans that I had been making for the past nine months were going to be the next day. It was a weird feeling. Maybe a mixture of nervousness mixed in with a feeling of happiness that so many of our family members had made it to the rehearsal dinner, some coming in from great distances. Our rehearsal dinner was a great time of being able to hang out with everyone and relax a little bit from all of the wedding planning that we had been doing. Now, as I've mentioned in a previous article, Our Rehearsal Dinner, we chose to hold the event in a rented party room of a nice steak house. And it was really elegant and beautiful, but you don't have to have your rehearsal dinner that way. There are lots of great unique rehearsal dinner ideas that you can use to help ensure that you...


Two Great Appetizer Recipes for your Next Summer Dinner Party

Summer is the perfect time for cookouts and dinner events. It is important to create appetizers and meals that are light and delicious. With these two great appetizer recipes, Avocado Salsa and Buffalo Chicken Dip, guests will be impressed by all your hard work. Little do they know that both appetizers will take you less than an hour to make! Avocado Salsa: The Perfect Summertime AppetizerIn search of recipes for appetizers that are simple and delicious? Try this wonderful Avocado salsa paired with John Wm. Macy's CheeseCrisps. This delightful appetizer is perfect for a summer time dinner party or a light snack. The combination of fresh herbs and lime juice gives this traditional appetizer a new kick. Ingredients:2 ripe plum tomatoes2 Ripe Avocados¼ Cup Onions1 lime1 Tsp. Fresh BasilSaltJohn Wm. Macy's CheeseCrispsInstructions:1. Dice the tomatoes avocados and onions into small pieces2. Cut the lime in half and squeeze out the juice of both sides, combining it with the other diced ingredients3. Rinse and d...


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